Mount Whitney and the Eastern Sierra Under The Stars

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On a trip to the Eastern Sierra with my friend Yuka, I approached the mountains at night and they seemed to eerily glow, illuminated by the light of the moon.  There was a haunting feeling as we drove up Whitney Portal Road together.  She wanted to turn back, but I needed to drive closer to the glow-in-the-dark mountains.  I was drawn in.

When we got to a road block where the road had been closed off for the season due to snow, there were a lot of cars parked with people enjoying the mountains and undoubtedly enjoying each other.  I think she wanted me to kiss her, but I was too focused on getting this photo (regrets…).  Of course I’d forgotten my tripod, which made the shot more difficult.  I rested the camera on the hood of my car and snapped a few.  Not too shabby!

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